The PTL (Parent Teacher League) is a support arm of the school and all parents and teachers are automatically members.  They support the school in many ways and help keep tuition affordable for all families through their fundraising projects.  Watch for more information about their plans for the year.

Ways to Help St. Paul's Lutheran School

  1. Scrip is called “shopping cart fundraising”. Scrip is a popular fundraiser because families don’t have to sell anything. Organization members produce revenue by making regular household purchases they would make anyway. Groceries, clothing, toys, gifts, even gasoline can be purchased with scrip. Questions contact Beth Bowman @ 255-0635 or Susie Joines @ 252-0058, order forms are available in the church office.

  2. “Big G Box Tops for Education”

  3. Campbell’s Soup Labels (UPC label with the numbers at the bottom is all that is needed)

  4. HyVee School Bucks Fundraiser: HyVee receipts from all Sioux City stores & HyVee in S. Sioux City (no gas receipts). Make sure the date is on your receipt

  5. Tyson Project A+: Save the “Support Your School” Label on the Tyson frozen food products.

  6. Ink Jet Cartridges: Save your used Ink Jet Cartridges from your computer printers.

Containers for any of the above are located in the church office, classrooms in the school building or in the narthex at church.

Thanks for your support!

Executive Committee: Sarah Gunn, Joy Urban, Ursala Runge, Dana Howell, and Christopher Hannemann
Secretary: Ursala Runge
Treasurer: Christopher Hannemann
Fundraiser Chairperson:Dana Howell
Campbell Soup Labels: Lisa Sherman
Box Tops: Lisa Sherman/Courtney Andersen
Hy-Vee Receipts: Lisa Sherman/Courtney Andersen
Party Coordinator: Alicia Behrens
Scrip Co-Chairperson: Dana Howell

2015-16 Tentative Calendar

(click to download pdf calendar)